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Heathland Ward February Privacy Policy
Mr. H. R. Saunders, Hill Farm, Grizebeck 889 286 MINUTES 2021 Parish Plan
Mr. M. Irving, Low Dove Ford Farm, Grizebeck 889 632 January Emergency Plan
Middle Quarter Ward Community Led Plan
Mrs. J. Byrne, Marsh Cote, Wallend 889 278 Five Year Plan
Mr. G. Grieve, Estuary Lodge, Askew Gate Brow 889 196 Working Together
Mr. W. Todd, 1, Long Row, Marshside 889 654 Audit 2019 -2020
Low Quarter Ward Community Infrastructure Levy Reports -        2017     2018
Gerry Scott, Apple Tree Barn 07753 748 960 Responses to National Grid's Proposals:
Mr. M. McPherson (Chairman), I, Combe Crescent 889 382

                                                         Parish Council

Sarah Rhodes, 2, Herschell Terrace 07824619486

                                            Kirkby Pressure Group

Mr. M. Jackson, Fell View, Soutergate 889 374 Response to Government's Main Road Consultation
Mr. R. Morrish, Swallows, Askew Gate Brow 889 780 Response to Cumbria County Council A595 Grizebeck Road Improvements
Mr. I. Winstanley, Fell Gate Barn, Gargreave 889 022
NEWS LETTERS 2021 Assets Register
Clerk to the Council January Accessibility Statement July 2020       
Mrs. A. Field, Burlington House East 889 906 February Bay Authority Statement February 2021
Representatives on South Lakeland District Council
Mr. I. Wharton, 2 High Street Penny Bridge, Ulverston, LA12 7RN 07778 430926
Mrs. T. Coward, 2, Kirkbeck, Coniston. LA21 8EL 07852 982 815
Representative on Cumbria County Council
Mr. M. Brereton, Ingle Wood House, Foxfield 715 066
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