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The "Roundhead" Village


Kirkby residents who were actually born in the Parish of Kirkby Ireleth are given the name "ROUNDHEAD". 

This is taken from the practice in the slate quarries of rounding off the top of roofing slates. 

Some "ROUNDHEADS" refer to off comers as "SQUAREHEADS"




Thursday 15th October Council Meeting via Zoom, 7.00 p.m. To join the meeting please contact the Clerk. Mrs. A. Field  kirkbyparishcouncil@outlook.com

You are invited to a Community Centre Open Day Saturday 12th September from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Walk through the building. See the displays. Enjoy refreshments in the gazebo.

A one-way system will operate - entry via road side entrance.

Numbers in the hall will be limited.

Please sanitise your hands on Entry/Exit and wear your mask/face covering at all times in the building & gazebo unless you are seated eating or drinking.

Soutergate Beck
Soutergate Beck flowing through Beckfields has been re-aligned to its original course. The danger of the eroding footpath has now been resolved. Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Edmondson of Low Hall for organising this work. 
The next meeting of the Council will be on Thursday 15th October. Venue to be decided.
July News Letter
The next meeting of the Council will be on Thursday 29th August via ZOOM. Please refer to the Agenda on the Council's page for details of how to join this meeting.

An urgent road closure has been put in place to enable United Utilities to carry out urgent repair works, as a result of a leaking service. .

This notice came into operation today 2nd June 2020 and is expected to remain in place for an approx duration of 3 days.

Please see below details of the extents of the closure and alternative route, the relevant legal notice can be viewed at https://one.network/downloads/tm/5-day-urgent-notice-117453492-3233054.pdf and a location plan clearly showing the extents of the road closure and diversion route can be found on one.network via link https://one.network/?tm=117453492 

Location:  Buckhorn Lane, Near Sandside, from its junction with Buckhorn Lane, extending in a north easterly direction for a total distance of approximately 15 metres, as and when the appropriate traffic signs are displayed.

Alternative Route: A suitable alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via the unrestricted section of Buckhorn Lane and the A595.

A way for pedrestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained.


A green bin waste collection is being partially re-introduced by South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) after it was suspended at the end of March. From next week (week commencing 4 May) the council is introducing a monthly collection of green bin waste across the district, aiming to make one collection per household each month until further notice. SLDC suspended green waste collections in response to reduced staffing levels due to the Coronavirus outbreak and restrictions to ensure crews could work safely and comply with social distancing guidelines. The council now believes it has sufficient staff numbers and available vehicles to look at re-introducing a green bin collection on a monthly basis, while still allowing crews to work safely.

From next week residents are being asked to follow these steps:

·        Starting week commencing 4 May, check your collection calendar and leave your green bin out on your next scheduled collection day

·        Collection crews will begin emptying green bins on the round on the scheduled collection day

·        If your bin has not been emptied by the end of the scheduled collection day please take your bin back in and present it again on the next scheduled green bin collection day according to your calendar, when the crews will return to continue the rest of the round

Road Closure Sandside

Temporary road closure which has been put in place to allow Morrison Utility Services to carry out repair works to a stop tap.
This notice will come into operation 24th April 2020 and is expected to remain in place for an approx. duration of 4 days.

Location: The C5105 Sandside near Kirkby-in-Furness, from a point approx. 265m north west of its junction with the A595, extending in a north westerly direction for approx. 135m.
Alternative Route: A suitable alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via unrestricted sections of the C5015 and the A595.

A595 Closure at Tippings Lane - Scheduled for next month - Letter from County Councillor Matt Brereton to Highways
I am writing as there appears to be a huge amount of confusion and concern about the planned road closure at Tippins Lane on the A595 between Soutergate and Paradise scheduled next month; I know you have had representations from individual residents on this issue, but I would like to summarise the key points that I have collated as the local member for this division:
  1. What exactly is the work planned?
  2. The Parish Council and residents are concerned about several issues on this stretch of the A595, that they and I feel should be addressed as a conjoined piece of work under any planned closure; these are:
    a) water on the road, both running and standing, that would indicate blocked or broken drains and culverts. This makes the road impassable at times and almost certainly causes degradation of the top service and gulleys, so unless these issues are fixed at the same time as any resurfacing the work will need to be redone or dug up at some point in the near future.
    b) there are a number of exposed stones/rocks in the verges and along the gulleys under the hedges on this stretch; these risk undermining the verges or hedges and are constantly catching on car or HGV wheels, both damaging the vehicles and exacerbating the issue of stones/rocks sticking out into the carriageway. These need remedial treatment as part of any road closure; either removing the worst offenders or at least levelling off/pushing stones back into the banking where they are being shaken or dragged loose. Some kerbs may need to be put in.
    c) the A595 on the other side of Soutergare, heading up to Askew Brow/Gate, has water ingress and there is a faulty drain that does not take water off the road and is constantly being undermined, creating a major pothole hazard; this needs addressing in any planned closure, and any potholes in the whole stretch need treating, not just patching.
  3. The headmistress of Burlington School in Kirkby has pointed out any daytime closure would restrict her in getting hot food to her children at lunchtime as it comes by the A595 from Askam. We would suggest to minimise disruption to school meals/transport that any closure is postponed by two weeks to take place over the Easter school holidays.
  4. I understand the closure is now planned as an overnight closure; this would be preferable provided it will be possible to carry out ALL planned repairs during hours of darkness.
  5. Local people are concerned that the last time there was a closure of this part of the A595, it far exceeded the planned duration and caused huge inconvenience to local residents, commuters and businesses.

While the above are all key considerations that I would like an urgent response to, I am also deeply concerned about how this closure has been planned, consulted on and communicated. It came to my attention, and most local residents, via a third party facebook group covering Askam. Neither myself as the local member, the parish council nor consultees such as local school leadership seem to have been made aware; I appreciate this closure may have been issued at short notice but the protocols don't seem to have been followed and as a result the communication/work order planning has been a disjointed mess.

I look forward to your urgent and co-ordinated response as to how we will move this work forward and what I can communicate to local stakeholders and the community at large. 

Best regards, 


Matt Brereton

Council  Member  for  High  Furness
Cumbria County Council

A595 Grizebeck -  Road Improvements scoping report. 

Scoping report 21st January 2020 - (very long document, 142 pages, but up to date information. Page 135 gives a summary). This is the next stage in the road improvement process. It includes reports on:

Air Quality, Biodiversity, Landscape, Population and Human Health, Agriculture, Walkers, Cyclists and Horse Riders, Noise and Vibration, Drainage, Geology and Climate.

Licensing and Installation
The Revd Stephen Tudway was licenced by the Bishop of Carlisle and installed by the Archdeacon of Westmorland and Furness as Curate in Charge and Priest in Charge Designate of Broughton and Duddon and Kirkby Ireleth on Tuesday, 14th January in St. Cuthbert's Church, Kirkby.
Housing development adjacent to Burlington School
SLDC have granted permission for the housing development and work on the site will commence in 2020 following the discharge of any pre- commencement conditions.
CGP Trust Fund - recent awards

a) Kirkby Netball Club £250.00 for netball equipment

b) Community Centre £550.00 for display boards and £173.98 for safety step ladders

c) St. Cuthbert's PCC £245.00 for producing the Calendar and £600.00 for producing the Caller.

d) Grizebeck Village Hall Committee £290.00 for the Children's Christmas Party.

Road Closure

Location: From The C5016 Lady Moyra Incline, Beckside from a point approx. 240m south east of its junction with the A595 extending in an easterly direction for approx. 95m.

Will come into operation 29th November 2019 and is expected to remain in place for an approx. duration of 7 days.

Alternative Route: A suitable alternative route for vehicles will be signed and available via the unrestricted sections of the C5016, A595, A590, B5281 and C5016.

A way for pedestrians and dismounted cyclists will be maintained at all times.

For a detailed map of the closure click here.

CGP Trust Fund - recent awards

a) Burlington School £1,000.00 towards the costs of new playground equipment.

b) Community Centre £1877.14 for seats in the new changing rooms. 

c) History of Kirkby Group £350.00 for the cost of a new projector. 

d) Grizebeck Village Hall £528.00 for the cost of replacing soffits and facia boards.

e) Kirkby United Football Club £2,000.00 towards the cost of a new grass cutter.

f) Kirkby Ladies' Guild £100.00 for the cost of transport for their Christmas outing. 

Community Gigabit Broadband

Do you have slow or unreliable broadband? Would you be interested in gigabit 1000 mps broadband? Mike Hooper is in the early stages of talking to Broadband for the Rural North Ltd. (B4RN) who help local communities install fibre broadband right into your home or business. He is currently considering the parishes of Lowick, Kirkby Ireleth, Egton with Newland and Blawith with Subberthwaite. 

The Government's Gigabit Broadband Voucher scheme can help with funds towards the scheme ranging from £500 to £1,500 for residents and £2,500 to £3,500 for businesses depending upon current speed availability. The Community Broadband Scheme relies on help of local volunteers, landowners and farmers to install the fibre network delivering the fastest broadband available in the UK. Once the fibre broadband is in place the initial charge is £150 and the service charge is £30 per month for residents.

A group would be needed of perhaps six or so 'champions' to help plan and organise the project. If you are interested in being a 'champion' or interested in a gigabit connection please email Mike Hooper at mike@onlineorienteer.co.uk

A5902 Grizebeck
Cumbria County Council are in the process of introducing a 40 mph speed restriction for the road through Grizebeck. The exact details have not as yet been released but it is hoped following the Statutory Regulations process it will be in place by the end of the year. This is good news for all of the residents of the area and has come about due to the insistence of the local community emphasising how dangerous this road can be.
New Planters
Five new planters have been positioned in various parts of the Parish. Three small ones have been placed by the new British Legion seats at Soutergate, Four Lane Ends and near to Marshside. The two larger ones are by the slate stones between Chapels and Kirkby Hall and approaching Four Lane Ends from Soutergate. Thanks are due to the CGP Trust Fund for their purchase and Mr. G. Metcalfe for making them. They will be maintained, as are the other planters, by Tythe Barn Nurseries. The funding for this also comes from the CGP Trust Fund.
Lake District National Park
Meetings are being held to explain the reasons behind the movement to extend the National Park around the Duddon Estuary and into the Furness and Cartmel Peninsulars. This extended area would take in the whole of the Parish of Kirkby Ireleth. A drop in meeting is to be held on Monday 8th July from 6.30 p.m. until 8.30 p.m. in the Victory Hall, Broughton. If you would like further information about the reasons for this movement please go along to the meeting. There will be displays and personnel there to answer questions. You will also be able to make known your views.
Kirkby Moor Wind Farm
Unfortunately, the decision regarding the Public Inquiry into the Kirkby Moor Wind Farm time extension has been delayed. The weather conditions at the time of the inquiry meant it was not possible for the Inspector to obtain long distance views from high vantage points in the Lake District drawn to his attention by the parties, and so it has been his intention to return to the area to complete the visits.  He announced this at the close of the Inquiry.  He attempted this on 16 April and spent much of 24 April in the area before rain obscured his views.  He will therefore need to return to the area but this must fit in with his current commitments.  While he had intended that his return visits would have been completed so that his decision could be issued by 21 May this has not been possible.  So, the planning Inspectorate says the decision date is to be confirmed and will update the programme with the decision date as soon as the Inspector has completed his visits.
Housing development adjacent to Burlington School
Due to the developer and SLDC not being able to agree to the legal agreement of the affordable housing and the delay that this is causing it may mean that the house types and design may have to change to meet policy requirements.
Due to the fact that only the present Parish Councillors put forward their names as candidates for election to the Parish Council no election will take place, However, there is a vacancy for the Lower Ward of the Council. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Parish Clerk. Mrs. A. Field as soon as possible. N.B. the elections for South Lakeland District Councillors will still go ahead on Thursday May 2nd.

Parish and District Council elections will take place on Thursday 2nd May. Parish Council Notification   District Council Notification

 If you would like to be nominated for the Parish Council please contact the Clerk, Mrs. A. Field tel: 07471198953 as soon as possible and no later than Tuesday 2nd April. 

A595 Grizebeck Road Improvements
Further information has recently been released identifying the preferred route. https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/a595grizebeck/
A595 Grizebeck Road Improvements
The latest information from Cumbria County Council regarding the improvements can be read here:  27th February Meeting
A595 Grizebeck Road Improvements
Public Meeting 27th February, Grizebeck Village Hall 6.00 p.m. - 8.00 p.m. A presentation by Cumbria County Council Highways Department regarding their proposals for a bypass. There will be a question and answer session following the presentation. 
Parish Council Meeting
Please note new date - Wednesday 20th February, 7.00 p.m. Methodist Chapel, Marshside.
Frederick Wayles MBE

At the December meeting of the Parish Council, Cllr. Wayles, with a heavy heart, tendered his resignation. He stated that unfortunately age and ill health were preventing him from carrying out his duties as a Parish Councillor and that it was time for him to stand down.

The Chairman, Cllr. McPherson, on behalf of the Council, thanked him for his sterling work during some thirty-five years of service to the Council and the community. He had been Chairman for many years and had held the Council together during some especially difficult times. He had acted both as Clerk and Treasurer during the times when the Council was forced to act without those posts and had been at the forefront of many of the projects that have improved the Parish of Kirkby Ireleth. 

Cllr. McPherson concluded by saying that his knowledge of the area and its people will be greatly missed.

The council warmly applauded Cllr. Wayles.

It was also reported that Mr. Wayles has resigned as Chairman and Trustee of the Kirkby Charities a post he had occupied since its inception.

History of Kirkby Group
Kirkby Fragments - two new publications. Vol. 14 "Trains and Boats and Planes" and Vol. 15 "Paradise Lost". £3.50 per copy. On sale at Moorland Stores.
The Christmas trees for Soutergate, Grizebeck and Four Lane Ends are being put up.    

                                                         Waterfalls of poppies - Soutergate


Grizebeck Bypass Drop-in Event, Grizebeck Village Hall Wednesday 7th November

3.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.

Residents of Grizebeck have written to Cllr. S. Young, leader of Cumbria County Council, expressing their concerns about the dangerous speeding on Grizebeck Hill and through the village. 
A595 - Grizebeck Bypass Drop-in Event, Grizebeck Village Hall 12 - 6p.m.
Every one welcome to attend this first of a series of meetings to view and pass comments upon Cumbria County Council's proposals for the bypass. At the present time it is thought there are two possible schemes. To view the proposals click  http://cumbria.gov.uk/a595grizebeck/
A meeting to discuss the withdrawal of the No 7 bus from Millom to Barrow is to be held on Thursday 18th October at  Askam Football Club Duddon Road starting at 7.00 p.m. This is an opportunity for all those who would like to see the bus reinstated to share their views with others who have been affected by Stagecoach's action. In the meantime the Parish Council, and Matt Brereton our County Councillor have written to object to the action.
INFORMATION REGARDING CONSULTATION - A595 GRIZEBECK     5th October    https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/a595grizebeck/ 

Dear friend,

It is with enormous pleasure that I am able to share the news that after years of relentless campaigning for improvements to the A595 Dove Ford bottleneck near Grizebeck, we have victory.  This morning transport secretary Chris Grayling announced a bypass will go ahead at the notorious pinch-point.

Mr Grayling made the announcement at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham. The Grizebeck bypass will be one of five network schemes to benefit from the new Major Road Network fund.

I am so proud to have worked alongside local campaigners – including members of the A595 Action Group – and this announcement is fantastic news.

I am also glad to have been able to have campaigned with Copeland MP Trudy Harrison in pressing for work to be carried out and in parliament on July 11 nuclear minister Richard Harrington MP gave an undertaking that he would become personally involved in trying to persuade the department for transport to upgrade the notorious bottleneck that was holding back our vision of a corridor of global nuclear excellence between south and west Cumbria.

  It was gutting when we found out after the election that Dove Ford was being left off the list for improvements but all the hard work since then has paid off. Mr Grayling himself acknowledged the problem of his department excluding Dove Ford when we met him about the rail crisis in the summer and today we can celebrate one of the biggest transport campaigning victories in Furness for quite some time.

The Dove Ford choke point is acknowledged to be one of the most hazardous stretches of road in Cumbria and is one of the key improvements targeted in the area’s economic plan championed by the local enterprise partnership and the Furness Economic Development Forum.

Traffic tailbacks are commonplace because the road struggles with the volume of traffic and the size of modern vehicles – many of them HGVs serving the civil nuclear industry in west Cumbria.

The announcement from the Department for Transport makes clear that development work is expected to start immediately. It is quite something to go from off the list completely to being one of the first five of the schemes across the country to be approved.

Thank you to all residents and community activists who have championed the need for the improvement of the road over years of campaigning.  I am so proud to have worked with you to bring this improvement to fruition.

Yours ever,


John Woodcock MP
Member of Parliament for Barrow and Furness

The Police Speed Monitoring cameras have been in Kirkby seven times recently and will be in place at undetermined times in the near future. So far 163 drivers have been issued with fixed penalty notices. The Police have identified the A595 through Kirkby as one where there is a real problem with speeding vehicles. These range from large lorries (some local, some from distant places), commuters (travelling to BAE Systems and Sellafield and others) and to Kirkby inhabitants. The Council is to write to a number of local and national companies asking them to inform their workers of the need to conform with the speed limits along the A595 and especially through Kirkby.
"Making Homes Affordable" advice from South Lakeland News, July 2018

To rent:

The eligibility requirements for affordable housing can differ slightly from property to property. The main criteria is:

You must have a local connection to the parishes surrounding the property

You must be in housing need and unable to afford housing on the open market

The property must be used as your home. It cannot be used as a buy-to-let, second or holiday home.

If you are interested in affordable housing to rent you should join the housing register which is called Cumbria Choice. Further information can be found in the Cumbria Choice website.

To purchase:

Keep an eye out for new developments as most will have an element of low cost ownership. When ready for sale, these will be advertised in the usual places such as local newspapers, estate agents and property search websites.

As well as any new developments that may arise, there are usually affordable homes for resale. Other than shared ownership, where an owner builds up or "staircases" to 100% ownership, properties remain affordable through their lifetime and there are existing home owners wanting to sell their affordable homes all the year round.

These will also be advertised in the usual places and will state in the advert "Affordable housing" or "subject to Section 106 agreement" or "buyers must be approved by the council".

Visit SLDC's website for more information or, if you have a specific property in mind, contact the council's Affordable Housing Officers for more details.

Kirkby Moor Wind Farm

You can make comments online at https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/planning-inspectorate or in writing to: Leanne Palmer, Case Officer, The Planning Inspectorate, Room3/0 Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Bristol BS1 6PN

SLDC Application Ref: SL/2017/0687

Planning Inspectorate Ref:  APP/M0933/W/18/3204360

Little Acorns
Our village playgroup has been running for 50 years and to celebrate we are holding a celebratory Afternoon Tea and Teddy Bear's Picnic on Sunday 1st July in the marquee at the Community Centre.  All existing and past supporters (children, parents, grandchildren, carers and helpers) are most welcome to help us celebrate this milestone. Children's entertainment includes bouncy castle, face painting, balloon modelling and magic show. This is a ticket only event, £3 adults and £2 children. Please contact Lauren Newby tel: 889912 before the 26th of June if you would like tickets. 
Kirkby Moor Wind Farm

Ventient Energy is appealing South Lakeland District Council’s planning committee decision to reject an extension to the operational life of the 4.8MW Kirkby Moor wind farm near Ulverston in England.

The company is seeking planning permission to continue to operate the existing wind farm, which features 12 Vestas 400kW turbines with 41.8-metre tip heights, until 2027. The UK Planning Inspectorate will now consider the application to extend the project's life.

Affordable Homes

The Housing development adjacent to Burlington School may have up to seventeen affordable homes, either to rent or buy, built within the complex. BUT in order for this to go ahead there has to be shown a need within the community for this to proceed. If you would like to be considered for an affordable home on this site you are advised to register with the Affordable Homes Officer SLDC Tel: 01539 793 558 or Angela Cassidy of Lancet Homes Angela.Cassidy@lancet-homes.co.uk

Parish Council
The Annual Parish Meeting and the Annual General Meeting take place on Thursday 17th May, 7.00 p.m., in The Village Hall, Beckside. All members of the Community are invited to attend.
National Grid's North West Coast Connections proposals
Latest news letter from Power without Pylons. identifying new contractor for Moorside and its implications.
Housing development adjacent to Burlington School
The full planning application submitted to SLDC is here
The outline plans for the fifty houses can be viewed here. and a site entrance view here.
Methodist Chapel
Due to acts of vandalism on the car park CCTV surveillance equipment has been put in place.
Housing development adjacent to Burlington School
It is expected that the planning application for the housing development is to be put to South Lakeland District Council Planning Department the  week beginning 23rd April. 
Community Centre
Following the repeated act of damaging to the bowling green club grass surface by marking with risque drawings  CCTV surveillance equipment has been installed at the Centre. Please be aware Police and Civil action will follow if further vandalism occurs.

Major Road Network Consultation
The Government is carrying out a survey as to which roads should be improved and become part of the Major Road Network within Cumbria. The A595 stretch from Dalton to Grizebeck has been omitted from the plans but a consultation regarding this is now taking place. The whole document can be viewed here.  Information as to how to respond is also given. The consultation closes on Monday March 19th at 11.45 a.m.
National Grid's Proposals
Although nothing tangible has been heard from National Grid for some time the groups set up to object to the proposals are still operating in the best interests of the local communities. Recently the nopylons group have released a summary of their suggestions to have the power transported from Moorside offshore. To read their full proposals access their web site at www.nopylons.co.uk 
Sandbags have been delivered to Soutergate Car Park, the Community Centre, Marshside and Grizebeck. They are available for collection at any time.
Housing development adjacent to Burlington School
Following the Public Engagement Exercise held at Burlington School and the Community Centre it was clear that flood risk, and in particular overland flow, was a concern of the community. Because of this the developer's engineers have taken the design of the scheme further than they ordinarily would for a planning application, in order that they could demonstrate to the community and the Local Planning Authority that there is a solution that works.  The scheme designs are being finalised, as well as amendments to the landscaping in response to comments from the community (principally the beefing up of the planting along the northern boundary to the site). The application for the development will be submitted shortly.    
The Parish Council are providing bins for the storage of sand bags at Soutergate, Marshside, Beckside, Chapels and Grizebeck.